Resource Center

Mission Statement
The mission of the SOFBI Library is to support the general mission of SOFBI. The Library will assist individuals in their quest for perfection by providing information resources and services that support education, encourage learning and promote spiritual and intellectual growth. The Library will accomplish this by:

– Selecting, acquiring, organizing, preserving and providing access to scholarly information related to the SOFBI curriculum and the research needs of students and faculty
– Serving as a center for learning by providing a place for students and faculty to actively engage in study and research
– Assisting and instructing students and faculty in finding and using scholarly information
– Using technology to extend access to Library resources and services
– Supporting life-long learning

Vision Statement
The SOFBI Library will actively participate in teaching, learning, and research by identifying and responding effectively to the information needs of SOFBI students and faculty.

Hours of Operation

Tuesdays – 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Temple Hills Campus)

For an appointment, email the Academic Office (

Student Computer
– There is one student computer in the Library. Students can use it to connect to the Internet and conduct research.
– There is no service at this time for student printing. Please bring your USB drive to save your materials.
– Students may also use the computers in the Computer Lab. Please check with the lab for hours of operation.
– All materials in the SOFBI Library are reference and cannot be checked out at this time.

Library Orientation and Training
The Librarian is available by appointment to train students and faculty on using the resources. We will use the Computer Lab for most training. Faculty can make an appointment to have students trained on:

– Library Orientation
– American Psychological Association (APA) Study Manual
– Online Databases

Please let the Librarian know if there are any other training needs.

Library Conduct

Students are expected to observe Library rules and regulations. There will be no food or drink (except for water) in the library. Children cannot be left in the Library unsupervised. Please be respectful of other researchers and keep noise to a minimum.

Other Local Libraries
SOFBI students can use other libraries. Several schools in the area offer a wide selection of Christian and Theological reference materials and provide public access. Please check with each library directly for information about specific services and hours of operation.

– Washington Bible College
– 6511 Princess Garden Parkway, Lanham, MD
– 301-552-1400 x1231

– Howard University School of Divinity
– 1400 Shepherd Street, NE, Washington, DC
– 202-806-0760

Book Donations
Anyone who desires to donate books to the SOFBI Library, please contact the Academic Office (

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