Top FAQ’s

1. How much does it cost to attend SOFBI?
Our Founder and Chancellor Dr. Michael Freeman’s vision has always been to make ministry training available to the masses at an affordable price. For current tuition and fees, please click here.

2. Who can attend SOFBI?
SOFBI is an institution of higher learning and there are specific requirements for incoming Year 1 students. Generally, classes are open to all men and women who are committed to increasing their foundation of spiritual education while sharpening their skills in ministry service to the world.

3. Do you have to become a member of Spirit of Faith Christian Center to enroll?
Absolutely not!!! SOFBI is open to men and women from other ministries. The faculty, staff, and students must be focused on the Mission Statement of SOFBI.

4. When and where are classes held?
Campus learning is offered every Tuesday evening at 7pm from August-May. You may choose to attend on campus in Temple Hills, MD. If you are unable to attend on campus, we offer distance learning classes to meet the needs of students all over the world.

5. Is SOFBI accredited?
SOFBI is affiliated with an accrediting organization – The Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). SOFBI is also affiliated with the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). For full details on the accreditation status of SOFBI, please click here.

6. How long is the program and what type of certificate or degree will I receive after completing SOFBI?
SOFBI is a three-year program. Students receive the Diploma for Ministerial Studies upon completion of all requirements.

7. Does SOFBI offer online classes?
Yes, SOFBI has established a Distance Learning Program for students unable to attend classes on campus.

8. Who are the instructors?
Instructors are trained and qualified ministers dedicated to training world-class ministers.

9. Does SOFBI offer childcare for those who attend the campus locations?
Please note that at this time, no childcare services are available. Students are encouraged to apply for the Distance Learning Program to maximize their flexibility to care for their children.

10. How do I get started?
First and foremost, make a commitment to learning more about God and strengthening your spiritual foundation. With that commitment in place, follow the established application process by clicking here.

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