Technical Requirements

Students should have access to the following to ensure that they can complete the course:

Computer requirements

– A PC running Windows 7 or later or a Macintosh running OS 10.x
– Audio capability is required
– Broadband Internet connection

Software requirements:

– Internet Explorer or similar web browser
– Word processing software
– Recommended software: Office 2010 for PC or Mac
– Adobe Acrobat Reader 11(or latest version)
– Free download available at
– Flash Player 10 (or latest version)
– Free download available at
– Personal email account
– Free email accounts available at &

Mobile Devices

– Smartphones and/or tablets are not required.

Minimum computer skills

On a technical level, students must be able to achieve the following:

– Operate a Windows‐based personal computer including CPU, keyboard, mouse, CD/DVD ROM and printer.
– Perform common computer operations including:
– Create folders
– Find, copy, move, rename and delete files
– Create back‐up files or save to a network drive
– Use word processing software to:
– Create, edit, format, spell‐check, save, retrieve, and print a document
– Copy and paste information within and between documents
– Save a document in various formats
– Use e‐mail application to:
– Send, receive, store and retrieve messages
– Send, receive and open attachments
– Manage mailbox size
– Configure and utilize web browser to:
– Access the Internet
– Open Web pages
– Open, print and save Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf)
– Copy URLs to word processing software
– Use a search engine or directory to find information on the Internet

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