Academic Modules – Year 2

Year 2 – Spiritual Development
The purpose of Year 2 is to: (1) enhance knowledge, appreciation and understanding of God’s Word; (2) develop character, humility and integrity; and (3) develop a high level of commitment to service. Students enrolled in Year 2 will take the following courses:

Christian Apologetics 2
Christians Apologetics 2 provides tools, to the student, to better defend the truth about Jesus Christ and their way of life as Christians. It will give a broader understanding of the various religions, their beliefs and ideologies, from other world views such as Jehovah Witnesses, Mormonism and others.

This course provides a comprehensive review of the meaning of covenant, the three major steps in establishing covenant and the Old and New Testament examples of God’s covenant with man.

Christian Conduct
This course provides a Biblical foundation for showing proper honor to men and women of God with an emphasis on those who are called to leadership positions within the Body of This course also provides a Biblical foundation for the importance of humility and establishes God’s disdain for vanity and pride.

Integrity, Character and Ethics
This course explores the importance and application of Godly integrity, character and ethics for successful Christian ministry.

Ministry Gifts
Defines each role and purpose of the five-fold ministry gifts and explores the role of women in ministry.

Spiritual Warfare
Provides an in-depth study of spiritual warfare and explores Biblical principles for identifying and taking authority over the enemy.

The objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the definition and levels of leadership. To identify effective biblical leaders and examine the characteristics of effective leadership.

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