Academic Modules – Year 1

Year 1 – Foundational Principles of God’s call to Ministry
The purpose of Year 1 is to: (1) instill a spirit of faith through teaching; (2) promote principles of excellence, discipline and organization; and (3) teach effective methods of using Biblical study tools. Students enrolled in Year 1 will take the following courses:

Christian Apologetics 1
Christian Apologetics explores the branch of theology that is concerned with defending and proving the truth of Christian doctrine. What do we believe as Christians? Why do we believe it and how do we live it out are the major points this course will examine?

Divine Health
Explores God’s will as it relates to sickness and disease; and provides an in-depth study of the origin of sickness and scriptural methods of healing.

Dynamics of Prayer
Emphasizes prayer as the foundation of the Christian lifestyle and explores the reasons Christians should pray and the benefits of a strong prayer life.

Hermeneutics 1
Introduce students to various resources and methods for studying the Bible.

Jesus in the Old Testament
Provides a systemic overview of the “types and shadows” of Jesus Christ, as represented in the books of the Old Testament.

Principles of Faith
Provides an overview of the Biblical fundamentals of faith, and its importance and answers the questions. “How does faith work?” and “How is faith developed?”

Examines Biblical prosperity and its relation to every area of the Christian’s life and examines the will of God concerning prosperity.

The Authority of the Believer
Emphasizes that spiritual authority has been delegated to every believer and that understanding authority is an important key to effective ministry.

Understanding God’s Call to Ministry
Answers the vital questions: “Who is called?”, “What is a call?” and “What attributes are necessary to fulfilling the call?”

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