Comprehensive Christian Education and Development

SOFBI seeks to provide students with a thorough and comprehensive Christian education and the opportunity to develop a strong commitment and devotion to the Lord. Therefore, SOFBI’s programs emphasize spiritual growth. Classes always begin with prayer and students are always encouraged to begin and end their day with personal devotion and meditation. In addition, students track their spiritual development by keeping journals of their spiritual and daily activities.

This allows them to see their spiritual growth, as well as instills in them a commitment to personal accountability. Also, as a part of the curriculum, students demonstrate their spiritual growth and development by participating in the Student Ministry Practicum, which gives them an opportunity to apply the principles they have learned in class to real life situations.

Throughout the academic year, special programs are held that promote spiritual growth in the lives of the students. As well, Chapel services are held periodically to exhort students in the Word of God. These services are usually conducted by faculty members or special guest speakers and are held at Spirit of Faith Christian Center.


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